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   A Pokemon trainer from Eterna City. Her goal is to do all the things Rowan told her to, like catching 'em all and being the very best trainer there ever was and stuff.

   A trainer from Sootopolis who Jyn met in Oreburgh. Goals unknown, but seems interested in the Sinnoh league.

   Level: 95
   Type: Normal/Flying
   Nature: Bold, impetuous and silly
   Met on Route 202

   Saggy Tits

   Level: 99
   Type: Grass/Poison
   Nature: Quiet, proud of its power
   Met on Route 212

   Level: 64
   Type: Fire/Fighting
   Nature: Timid, capable of taking hits
   Met at Lake Verity

   Level: 100
   Type: Water
   Nature: Lax, very finicky
   Met at Route 218

  Level: 65
  Type: Electric
  Nature: Docile, somewhat vain
  Met on Route 202

   Level: 51
   Type: Ghost
   Nature: Bold, often dozes off
   Hatched at Lake Valor Lakefront

   Level: 32
   Type: Water
   Nature: Lonely, scatters things often
   Met at Oreburgh Gate

   Level: 91
   Type: Ice/Ghost
   Nature: Bold, likes to relax
   Traded from マミ

   Level: 58
   Type: Dragon/Steel
   Nature: Quirky, a little quick tempered
   Met at Spear Pillar

   Steel Wing

   Level: 55
   Type: Steel/Flying
   Nature: Docile, quick to flee
   Hatched at Lake Valor Lakefront

   Level: 32
   Type: Electric
   Nature: Adamant, highly curious
   Egg hatched on Route 206



  Professor Rowan


   His presence demands speedlines.